We understand the hustle of a startup

The scary truth is, just one small hiccup in the early stages can be enough to put you out of business. Between the lightbulb moment and going to market, you need a broker that is able to support you as you start off small, and yet flexible enough to meet your changing needs as you grow. 

Don’t take our word for it, see our case studies

Medtech AI platform
We worked side-by-side with the founders to ensure insurers understood their complex AI platform and they had adequate US coverage for cyber breaches and errors resulting in medical injury
Series A startup
Upon Series A funding, these founders engaged us to ensure they had adequate insurance coverage to meet investors’ requirements and they were protected against possible disputes
Logistics platform
After an unfortunate cyber breach, the management of this company turned to us at midnight one Saturday evening to help manage the claims process and negotiate with the insurer for a higher payout.
Indonesian offshore startup
This promising AI-based startup leaned on us to guide their subsidiary in Indonesia, through complicated insurance requirements. We were able to support them even though they were based remotely.
Next-generation sunscreen startup
A company with an innovative new sunscreen product wanted to expand into the US market and needed our help to negotiate with their Singapore-based insurer to ensure they met complex US regulatory requirements.
Will writing & trust platform
The founders of this platform didn’t just need risk protection. They were growing rapidly and engaged us to ensure that they and their independent advisors were covered from any liabilities associated with referring clients to the platform.

Key risks to insure

Innovation and compliance – it’s a balancing act.

As technology continues to evolve, new and complex regulatory requirements need to be met, and competition increases from new and legacy players, startup founders face complex and varied insurance risks.

Our insurance solutions

Our team of experienced insurance brokers negotiate with specialist insurers across Asia to customise policies that are affordable enough for startups to get things moving

Directors and Officers insurance
Not only is D&O insurance a requirement if you are looking for funding from venture capital firms, it also protects the company directors so they can go out and aggressively and successfully modernise the finance industry without putting their personal assets at risk.
Cyber insurance
As tech continues to power startups, the number of cyberattacks is also growing. Cyber insurance covers companies in the event of a data breach, including ransomware demands and hefty remediation expenses that result from mandatory disclosure.
General, public and product liability
The unique nature of the startup sector often warrants a combination of all three of the above-mentioned insurance policies. Together, they provide comprehensive protection against any bodily injury or property damage claims that may be raised against you, your business, or your product.
Professional indemnity
Some clients may require startups to have professional indemnity insurance before entering into a partnership with them. Professional indemnity protects startups from claims arising from unforseen service mistakes or errors.

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