An industry poised for transformation

AIB is well aware of the rapid advancements underway in the healthcare industry and the challenges and significant financial risk they pose. We’ve worked with a range of insurers to get affordable medical coverage for new medical devices and services. Our independent brokers can recommend insurers who are in tune with the changes the healthcare industry is undergoing.

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Caregiving platform
This innovative startup was overwhelmed by the wide range of options and varying levels of support for covering freelancers against medical malpractice. We negotiated with insurers to ensure they had the direct coverage they needed so they could operate with a flexible workforce.
Regional healthcare provider
A well-known healthcare provider across Southeast Asia was facing difficulties getting high cover limits at an affordable rate. We help to put together providers to meet their needs while also ensuring local policies were in place for all overseas entities.
Over-the-counter products
A leading pharmaceutical company reached out to us for assistance getting product liability for their range of OTC beauty products after facing multiple rejections from different insurers. We managed to obtain a policy which gave them the coverage they needed to grow sales.
Driving devices for the impaired
A promising startup which was distributing and installing these devices was seeking product liability insurance so they could scale safely. We worked with them to help the insurer understand the complex nature of their product and obtained coverage within their budgets.

Key risks to insure

Amid advances in technology, new and constantly changing litigation and an increasingly global marketplace and demand, risk mitigation in the medical industry isn’t always straightforward. At AIB, we have worked with medical professionals across all parts of the medical industry to ensure they are able to find a policy that meets their unique needs. 

Our insurance solutions

We’re dedicated to helping medical providers like you minimise your risk, whether it be for your systems, your property, your equipment, your employees, or your patients. 

Medical malpractice insurance
Medical professional liability insurance offers physicians and healthcare professionals the means to investigate and defend against any lawsuits against them that may claim personal injury or property damage due to alleged negligence.
Clinic package insurance
Running a physical clinic carries various property-related risks, including material damage, general and public liability, and unexpected expenditures that may arise – including employee’s compensation – due to unforeseen circumstances.
Product liability insurance
The complex nature of medical technology often requires highly customised product liability policies. This ensures comprehensive protection against any bodily injury or property damage claims that may be raised against you, your business, or your product.
Clinical trial insurance
All clinical trials carry inherent risks. Even as you forge ahead to new breakthroughs in medical science and technology, it’s crucial to stay protected against any liability due to injury of your research subjects or loss of research data and property.

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