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Whether you are a large or small production company, you can rely on us to negotiate on your behalf to find you the right insurance solution with better terms.  We know there’s a range of personnel and equipment involved, and each project is unique. That’s why we work with specialist insurers in and out of Singapore to ensure there’s always an affordable insurance solution. 

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Vintage props
We helped a long-standing film production company in Singapore successfully claim for financial losses that were incurred from damage to high-cost vintage props, sets and filming equipment.
Film production
A Singaporean film production company was finding it difficult to get coverage for reshooting costs in the event of withdrawal of authorisation. We helped them to find an insurer who could offer this coverage.
Media associations
A major association in the media industry reached out to us to help them design a low-cost scheme that would cover any accident-related claims from freelance media professionals engaged.
Media distribution
A well-known media distributor engaged us to help them find an insurer that would meet the media liability requirements of their overseas broadcaster which differed from local requirements. Of particular focus was lawsuits arising from copyrights and intellectual property.

Key risks to insure

The project-based nature of the media industry makes insurance difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. At AIB, we have worked with a wide range of stakeholders across all facets of the entertainment industry to ensure producers, photographers, musicians, crew and actors are covered in the event of something unforeseeable.

Our insurance solutions

Whether you’re producing a documentary overseas or using drones in Singapore’s CBD, we’ll help you ensure that your production or event is run safely and your teams are protected.  

Film production insurance
Film production insurance varies widely. A good film production insurance policy covers the production company across a multitude of liabilities, ranging from accidents or injuries on set to any theft or loss of equipment.
Equipment insurance
From thousand-dollar cameras to expensive lighting and sets, media production equipment can be a huge financial risk. Protect yourself from any costs due to accidental damage, theft or loss of equipment, whether company-owned or rented.
Event cancellation insurance
Get coverage against costly event cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, including adverse weather conditions, non-appearance of acts, and even terrorism. Some policies even cover event postponement or relocation costs.
Media liability insurance
Also referred to as errors & omissions coverage, media liability insurance is crucial protection against any claims arising due to intellectual property or copyright infringements, breach of confidentiality or alleged libel.
Work injury compensation
As an employer, you are liable to compensate employees if they sustain workplace injuries, including loss of wages. Under the Work Injury Compensation Act, it's a legal requirement for you to purchase insurance for all workers earning S$2,600 or less a month.
Drone insurance
Current property or public liability insurance policies in Singapore do not cover aviation-related incidents, including drones. A specific drone insurance policy is required to protect against any third-party injury or property damage claims due to drone filming.

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