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We’ve helped various promising fintechs and established financial institutions get coverage for risks that they had previously been told were hard to get coverage for. Our not-so-secret recipe is that our team has a wide network of compliance partners, cybersecurity experts, and lawyers whom we can reach out to. This ecosystem allows us to give you better advice, find the cheapest quotes and provide you with better support in the event of a claim.

Don’t take our word for it, see our case studies

Personal money lending platform
We helped a rapidly growing fintech to secure insurance coverage for their emerging market lending business. We protected them against regulatory investigation and lawsuits related to debt recovery
B2B roboadvisory platform
We were approached by a promising startup to find an insurer that would cover sizable US liabilities in the event of a cyber breach and any errors in financial transactions. This allowed them to close a major deal with a US fund house.
Artificial intelligence company
We helped a major AI fintech company negotiate with a local insurer in Indonesia to cover their cyber security risk. Based on this success, we also brokered coverage for their master cyber policy in Singapore.
SGX-listed Real Estate Investment Trusts
We helped this Chinese REIT to meet MAS insurance requirements so that they could achieve a successful IPO. Over subsequent renewals, we also negotiated improved pricing and more relaxed exclusions based on their valuation.
External asset manager
A fast-growing asset manager with a new commodity trading fund engaged us to negotiate with insurers for better fraud coverage terms. We manage to improve coverage while keeping their premium low.
Regional e-wallet and payment processing
A regional payment processor with large amounts of sensitive personal data relied on us to find the best possible protection against cyberattacks and data breaches within their limited budget.

Key risks to insure

It’s no surprise that costly lawsuits are common in the financial services sector.

That’s why we provide coverage for a wide range of key risks that can result in lawsuits. 

Our insurance solutions

Our highly experienced brokers are able to advise on coverage as they have comprehensive knowledge in the finance and fintech sector.

Directors & Officers insurance
D&O insurance a requirement if you are looking for funding from venture capital funds, and it also protects directors so they can go out and aggressively and successfully modernise the finance industry without putting their personal assets at risk.
Cyber insurance
As technology continues to power the financial sector, the number of cyberattacks is also growing. Cyber insurance covers financial companies in the event of a data breach, including ransomware demands and the hefty remediation expenses that result from mandatory disclosure.
Financial professional indemnity
Professional indemnity insurance is a requirement by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and protects fintech and financial companies from claims arising from service mistakes or errors.
Fund manager or fintech insurance
The unique nature of the financial services sector often warrants a combination of all three insurance policies. This provides comprehensive financial protection and broad coverage for a wide range of potential financial losses, including technological failure.

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Andrew has over 8 years of corporate insurance experience and has worked with a wide range of regional financial institutions, fintechs and startups on their unique insurance needs. Andrew was previously a licensed Financial Advisor at Phillip Securities and CIMB Securities.